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Livepeer is a platform and protocol for decentralized live video broadcast on the internet. Live video on the blockchain. Any broadcaster or streamer could use Livepeer to ensure that their live video is encoded into all formats to reach all devices on all platforms, and distributed to any users who request it, in a decentralized, crypto-incentivized way.



Project Overview


AuctionHouse is an decentralized application built on Ethereum for auctioning non-fungible, on-chain items. Think of it like Ebay, but for unique on-blockchain items like tokens that represent domain names, tickets, or jobs in on-chain economies. This was our first attempt at an end-to-end DApp, including smart contracts on Ethereum, a web frontend, and transaction signer/wallet integrations.

AuctionHouse Web App


More about AuctionHouse


TAP (Transaction Attestation Platform) is the Siteadvisor (or Norton Antivirus) of the Ethereum blockchain. It is a decentralized platform that users can use to attest to the trustworthiness of smart contract functions that other users will have to invoke in order to interact with DApps. Without TAP, when you sign a transaction within a DApp, you’re opening up your entire Ethereum wallet to the application, and which could have major unintended consequences including loss of your assets. With TAP, you can rely on the community to provide you with more confidence and trust in what’s about to happen when you sign that transaction.

TAP verifies smart contract code against what’s on the blockchain, stores metadata and attestations on IPFS, and writes proof of attestation to the TAP smart contract on Ethereum.

TAP Homepage


More on why TAP needs to exist


Browser-SOLC is a utility that lets you compile solidity code from within the web browser. It is extracted from the great Browser Solidity project, and provides convenient access to compile code with different versions of the solidity compiler, giving you access to the ABI and bytecode.


Demo app

Browser-SOLC Project Page


We are Doug Petkanics and Eric Tang. We’re software engineers and entrepreneurs in NYC, who have been working together for the past 7 years. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency has been interesting to us since 2012, but in mid 2016 the emergence of the decentralized development stack and crypto-token powered protocols really hooked us on this area. We’ve been having a great time learning, meeting folks, thinking about, and building decentralized projects over the past few months, and we’re excited to be all in on trying to make decentralized live streaming technology possible via Livepeer.

If you’re interested in the blockchain world, don’t be shy, and get in touch with us on:

Twitter: Doug, Eric

Medium: Doug, Eric

Github: Doug, Eric

LinkedIn: Doug, Eric